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We Love to Rebuild Cars

Andy still comes to work smiling, singing, happily solving your British car woes. He has an unmatched passion and tenacity for repairing or rebuilding your car from the front bumper to the tailpipe.

Service - or parts to go

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out, but you can try.  Order rebuilt parts and you can still bring your sweetheart in for service,  if you run into a pickle.

We Truly Care

The right care extends the life of any British sports car, luxury sedan, coupe or Rover.  We bring advanced techniques and cutting-edge diagnostics to the table every time, especially in our custom rebuild distributors.

Our Promise to You

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of repair size or difficulty.

British Specialty Spirit

Our friendly, experienced service  can meet your British car repair needs in Maple Valley.

Come see us for the best British carburetor and distributor rebuilds in Seattle area.  Stromberg, SU, Weber, Zenith & others, send your carburetors here!  Distributors for Healeys, Triumps, MG, or Jaguars custom built to order- unparalleled & unavailable catalog  new.

From brake repair to complete front suspension, and from differentials to leaf springs we can make your British Sports car road worthy again !

From your convertible or tonneau top to complete dash or engine compartment overhauls, we can meet your British driving needs.

We can use the latest diagnostic technology  for your late model Jaguar or Land Rover as well, as your favorite British Sports car. Preventative maintenance, prompt response to what ails your late model Jaguar or Rover reduces service fees later.

Looking for a mechanic you can trust? Look no further! 

Especially if you need a rebuilt engine and transmission.  We can build parts better than almost anywhere in the US.  We use the finest parts and machinist in US and England. 

Ask around our name is trusted in British circles. Read my monthly column in the Jaguar magazine.


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